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Thursday, August 4, 2011


We have several concerns regarding the proposed Xavier Woods development.  They are as follows:

  • Waiting for wetland qualification from NYS DEC and Army Corp of Engineers.  All agencies have expressed concern over drainage and high water table of this parcel. 
  • The springs on this property are the undisputed headwaters of Meadowbrook Creek and the Meadowbrook sewer system.  Any project would have serious implications beyond this neighborhood.  This neighborhood sits on a 100 year flood plain.
  • The City Engineering Dept has asked for over two years for the SWPPP report which has still not been provided.  I urge you to read Mary Robison’s comments in the file as they were not presented to you at the hearing.
  • Second page of EAF Short form has not been completed or signed.  Based on criteria in section C of this form, the Full Environmental Review form is required for this project. Read the purpose of the EAF, it is designed to help make a knowledgeable decision.

  • At the public hearing we were told that these were 2 story structures.  In reality they are three stories; a garage and 2 stories of living space.  They are 2000 square feet each, not a starter home. 
  • It is the neighbor’s contention that the size, height, and density of this 32 house development is not appropriate in this neighborhood.  There is also an issue of whether the land can even support these structures.
  • There are 25 houses surrounding the proposed development.  All but 2 have written letters of opposition or come to the public hearing with their concerns.  They are articulate and compelling arguments.
    We understand the city may be anxious to approve this because of the tax revenue it will generate.  That being said, the city exposes itself to much liability by approving this without the proper reports and studies.  Delay the decision until these reports are complete and the full EAF form has been reviewed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A proposed development of 32 houses off Comstock ( near Manley Field House could effect Your sewers on Meadowbrook, Nottingham and the surrounding streets. You do not want more basement and cellar problems.

These wild wetlands are the headwaters of Your sewer system. Any development in this area will impact You!

Make You objections Known to:
 Reference App# 227730/R-1123

MORE INFO COMING SOON ! Next hearing is set for August 22nd 2011.